Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twenty-four Hours from Now

I expect to be heading toward the Customs/Security area for US-bound travellers at the Calgary International Airport.  Goin' to Denver to the SAQA Visioning Conference, which I booked some six months ago -- and it's finally here!

While I'm away, here are some new 'Wacky Words' to keep you amused....

  • disses - as in "No one disses a Customs Officer!"
  • buseati - as in, "Is this shuttle buseati taken?"
  • coofe - as in, "Do you like the new coofe I put in my hair for the Opening Reception?"
  • hotterye - as in, "Roomie, that outfit is hottereye!"
  • ockent - as in "Whaddya mean I speak with an ockent?!"
  • snobar - as in the source of the best-chilled beverages in the hotel.
  • weirksp - as in "I'm taking four weirksps at the Conference."
  • audia - as in "I hope the audia system works well so we can hear the speakers."
  • stive - as in "I'm going to stive to stay awake during the workshop on Photoshop Elements!"
  • grani - as in "I want to learn how to make the photos of my work look less grani."
  • yingness - as in, "What I liked about the speaker was her yingness to answer questions."
  • rousnes - as in "I hope my travel alarm rousnes me on time to drive to the airport!"
and at the end of it all...tated but phappline, I'm home; the experience was inestidi for!  :-)

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