Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank you SAQA

I've had a grand time here in Denver at the SAQA 'Visioning' Conference!  My head is a-buzz with ideas and information; I 've collected stunning cards -- artworks in their own right -- and met wonderful people, including many with whom I've corresponded over cyber-space.  I am feeling an urge to dig deeper for source material, to take my work to another level.

Last night we went to 3 studio venues -- the Ice Cube Gallery here in Denver, and two in Golden: first, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and then the incredible SAQA "Sightlines" show at the offices of Quilters' Newsletter.  Regina Benson, our driver and a Golden resident, had a piece in that show.  On the way to Golden from Denver, she drove us through the scenic landscape -- layers of red rock jutting at odd angles, just as the glaciers had left them centuries ago -- and past Castle Rock, the site that's featured on every can of beer produced at the Coors brewery, located in Golden.

Tonight is our final banquet, and at 3:30 a.m. I leave for the airport -- Denver to Salt Lake City and then home.  Once I come down out of the clouds, I'll post photos and tell more;  I promise!

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