Wednesday, April 06, 2011


And found working.  Phew!  A load off my mind.

Today I tested my display rack for the upcoming Lacombe Art Exhibit and Sale and found out that:

  • It stands up as steadily on vinyl flooring as it does on carpet;
  • The fabric panels I've cut (6 in a dark steel blue-grey) fit;
  • The gromet maker I own works on this fabric so I can create a gromet-and-tie system to mount the fabric on the frame; and
  • The lamps I've borrowed function well and don't tip over the frame when they're mounted!
Nobody Here But Us

I've also finished 3 pieces -- bound and sleeved -- and am ready to think about mounting 2 of the smaller ones on black foam-core.  And I've got several post-cards and ATCs (Artists' Trading Cards) under construction for visitors who might want to purchase something small.

And the Crystal Clear Bags packaging arrived yesterday.  It's beautiful!

All this means that I am working my way down my check-list for the Exhibit, that I'm actually making some headway, and that the anxiety attack I had yesterday morning before I got into my studio to "just DO it" was just a waste of time.  No more!  I'm on my way!

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Bee said...

Good for you, Margaret! Sounds like you are well on your way now and things are falling into place. I wish I could come see the exhibit! I am sure it will be a success!