Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tension Relief

The countdown to the Lacombe Art Exhibit & Sale has begun (for me, anyway) and I am in a bitter-sweet state of anxiety mingled with excitement.  Lots to do, but I am fortified with The List.  So.  Rather than have to think much about it and post anything till it's all over, I offer up another list of Wacky Words for your consideration -- once again culled from recent sign-in spots on various favourite blogs:

  • nervesas: as in 'she's nervesas a ....[insert favourite image here]";
  • grantl: a little grant?
  • lotical: as in "Captain, that's just not lotical."
  • lasteedi: as in "The lasteedi with the most toys wins."?
  • sismu: as in "How many yards of sismu are in that project, anyway?"
  • lidens: as in "None.  I used lidens."
  • subsca: as in "Do you subsca to that magazine?"  and last but not least (for today)...
  • mormuli: as in "I'll be glad when everything gets back to mormuli, and I can unlapp in a heepre and relax."  :-)


besshaile said...

oh I hear you sister. It's the virgo thing. I have my TTD as well and even though I am sure everything will be wonderful - I suspect, like Elizabeth Benet's courtship it will be rather more something we remember as wonderful than anticipate. hugs

Bee said...

You are so organized and your art is so beautiful....I know this weekend will be a great success! I can't wait to hear all about it next week!

I love your word lists!! Here's one more...

Kerste....isn't she on Dancing With the Stars this week?