Saturday, April 09, 2011

Can you tell I'm blushing?

My friend Bee of Bee's Fibre Art nominated my weblog for this "Stylish" award!  Isn't it pretty?  Stylish I ain't (I'm built like a box and spend most of my time in jeans or sweats and tops I can get messed up with thread and dye), but I love the thought of it.  Thanks, Bee!

Of course, there's always a catch (wink):  I have to list seven things readers might not know about me.  Hmmm....

1. I'm an ISTJ on the Meyers-Briggs scale: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.  I can be very critical of just about everything and everybody, including myself, and I need long spaces of time alone in order to enjoy my time with others.

2. I'm an avid reader -- mainly non-fiction (spirituality) and 'cozy' mysteries.  I'll read cereal boxes if there's nothing else around!

3. I'm an Associate of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, a Benedictine-oriented order of Anglican nuns based in Toronto, and have been now for over ten years.

4. I've been told by several long-time friends that I'm the most organized person they know.  I spent almost 30 years in business, focused on debt and cash management, retirement planning and income tax.  I have file folders and binders for everything, and am rarely late for appointments.  Drives people crazy...!

5. The first handwork I learned was knitting, around age 8.  It's still the first thing my hands go for when I am under stress or just plain antsy.  And yes, I can knit and read at the same time.  :-)

6. I love music -- especially classical and jazz -- and singing and dancing.  I took Highland Dance and tap when I was very young, and had piano lessons for 7 years.  I've sung in church since I was 11 or 12, and spent a year or so with Sweet Adelines in the mid-seventies.  In the early nineties, my husband and I cut quite a figure on the ballroom floor too.

7.  Like Bee, I am addicted to coffee -- particularly Starbucks dark roasts -- and am rarely without a mug in my hand. (It's less expensive and better for me than the single malt scotch whisky of which I am also inordinately fond!)

Now the fun part: to nominate 3 other bloggers for this award.

  • One of the first blogs I ever followed is "Like the Queen" (and the sequel, "Like the Queen 2"), created by my knitting friend and Virgo Soul Sister, Bess.   She's a librarian and a knitter par excellence.  We have never met, but correspond regularly on line, and I have dreams of visiting her one day in all that glorious Virginia sunshine and flowers with which she surrounds herself!
  • Another 'stylish' gal I've met online is the talented eco-dyer and funky artist, Arlee, of albedo.  She is always up to something unusual and intriguing in her "stoodio", with intriguing and delicious results.
  • Last but not least, I'd like to nominate my friend and former watercolour/drawing teacher, Sharon Lynn Williams, a classy lady with a huge talent who's just published a glorious book of her work to accompany her latest solo show, En Plein Air.
Bess, Arlee and Sharon can choose to accept this award or not.  If you do, gals, please link back to this post, blog 7 lesser-known things about you to share, and nominate 3 more bloggers.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


Judy Warner said...

Can't wait to meet you in Denver, Margaret. We have some uncanny commonalities and an interesting oppositie - I am an ENFP!

Bee said...

Thanks for accepting this award, Margaret! I don't know what I am on the Meyers-Briggs scale, but I can see by your great facts that we have much in common. Looks like you have chosen 3 very deserving bloggers!