Saturday, April 16, 2011

Overheard II

More fun at the Lacombe Art Exhibit, generating comments such as these:

  • (in front of a larger piece) "What's the purpose; d'you use these for pillowcases?"
  • "Oh-h-h-h-h my!"
  • "I'll take this one.  And it's worth more than $10.00 you're charging." (re a framed 3 1/2 x 5 card; he paid twice the price and refused change.)
  • "I do a little bit of quilting, but nothing like this!"
  • "Are you the only textile artist in this show?"
  • "I'll take this one, and this one..." (re: ATCs)
  • "Hi; I'm back" (turning to friend) "Now you've just gotta see this."
  • (with thumbs up signal) "Definitely the best display in the show! Love it!"
  • "Boy, you sure can do a lot of different things with fabric!"
  • "Well, this is a nice little hobby." (twice, two different speakers)
The best part is the smile that appears when someone looks at a piece she/he likes.


Judy Warner said...

These are fun to read, Margaret. Sounds like you are getting a lot of traffic and some are making purchases. Can't wait for a full report.

Barbara Zuazua said...

I did 2 shows last year. It is interesting what people say and think. I love that you are making a list!
btw, your blog looks great!

Kate Themel said...

I love the idea of eaves-dropping on viewers to hear what they really think of the work. Of course, you have to keep a thick skin sometimes!