Saturday, April 16, 2011


at the art quilter's booth on Day One of the Exhibit:

  • "Wow!"  (more than once)
  • "That's a lot of work."
  • "I don't have the patience to do something like that."
  • "That's really nice."
  • "I see all those stitches, those teeny-tiny stitches."
  • "How long does it take to do something like that?"
  • "Did you stitch that or did the material come that way?"
  • "This is just beautiful!"
  • "Now there's a big talent!"
  • "How do you hang these up if they're not framed?"
  • "Do you do all this by hand?"
  • "That brings back memories."
  • "That red square.  I really like that red square."
  • "I quilt, but I can't do anything like that."
  • "You thought all these up?"
  • "I'm looking for the distressed paper."
  • "That looks like an areal view of a farm."
  • (same piece) "That looks like the coastline of New England."
  • "What's 'fused layering'?"
  • "I bet you have one of those real quilting machines."
  • "I didn't realize it was fabric till I got up close." (twice)
and the inevitable: 
  • "I dye fabric and make art quilts, but I don't presume to be an artist."
Sigh.  On to day two!


Bee said...

I have enjoyed sneaking up behind viewers who don't know me at quilt shows to hear what they are saying about my quilts. Most comments are positive but there is always one stinker in the bunch. : ) Thanks for sharing....these are funny!

Kate Themel said...

I love the idea of eaves-dropping on viewers. It's a great way to really know what people are thinking. But I guess you need a thick skin sometimes!