Friday, March 11, 2011

'Stuff' Happens

in threes, or so it's said.  I posted here about my 'decline' (thanks for that term, SAQA buds!) of pieces for the "In the Red" show last week.  On Monday, I got word that the four poems I'd submitted to an invitational juried competition were also 'declined' -- due to an over-abundance of entries for the space allowed.

That made two.

What, then, would make three?  The Lacombe Art Exhibit and Sale entry, or the ART of Nature entry?

Yesterday, I got the envelope...from ART of Nature, to my great relief!  This means there's still a chance I'm 'in' for a booth in Lacombe....I hope, I hope, I hope!  Prayers have been sent; it's out of my hands now!

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