Friday, March 04, 2011

One Down

...Two to show.  Somewhere... but not in the Alberta Craft Council's up-coming exhibit, "In the Red: Creation from Deficit".  To quote the representative of the jury:

"Thirty-nine craft artists submitted almost 80 finished or proposed pieces. Obviously the Craft Council is excited by this response.

The committee examined all the submissions for the quality and originality of the work, and how the submissions reflected the themes outlined in the exhibition call. Due to the number of proposals received, and the exhibition committee’s desire to balance the variety of responses to the subject matter, your proposal was not selected. While the committee appreciated your work, it concluded that your submission did not have a strong enough tie to the premise of this exhibition.
The committee thanks you for your effort, and encourages you to participate in future Alberta Craft Council exhibitions." (emphasis mine.)
Say what?  Pieces using the centuries-old art of quilting -- including using up, recycling, making do to create useful and decorative fabric -- don't fit the theme of 'creation from deficit (i.e. nothing, or less-than-nothing)?  Go figure.  Ah well....I will be curious to visit the Gallery after the show goes up to see what did fit the bill.  

Meanwhile, "Make Do" and "Mend" will now be available for immediate purchase, and/or for display elsewhere.

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