Thursday, September 09, 2010


In yesterday's post, I mentioned the cute birthday card I got from my friend, D, in Calgary.  But I neglected to mention the funky buttons that came with it.  Soooo very cute!  I wonder where she found 'em....Could be a treasure trove there just waiting...

So, I Googled.  The card labels them as "Button Sensations"; this website was on the back: the wholesale distributor, methinks.  Wouldn't that be a yummy place to work?  

These particular buttons are #6038, "Water" -- and they're made in Thailand.  I love the colours and the smooth feel of them...and have some ideas about how to use them, based on my summer sun printing....  Not on this piece particularly; only 10" x 10" -- of which 2" will be framed by a mat -- it's too small.  But see the fabric I used for those circles?  And the side strip fabric?  I have more of each of those...  So we shall see.

Thanks, D!

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