Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What has happened to common sense?!

A family had to go out of town, and left the care of their dog in the hands of a family they thought would be good care givers. However, the dog got loose, and was picked up by animal control. The caregivers decided to wait till the dog was up for adoption and then claim it. When the caregivers went to do so, they were informed that the dog had been adopted out; apparently, they could not reclaim it.


What has happened to:
  1. RESPONSIBILITY? The people in charge of the dog screwed up, and were irresponsible of their care of the dog.
  2. COMMON SENSE? The poor unsuspecting owners of the dog didn't realize the care-givers would be so STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE! The "new" owners need to be GRACIOUS and give the dog back to its rightful, long-term loving order.

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