Saturday, January 09, 2010

Studio Time

I've been working in fits and starts in my studio. There's been some sewing, yes, but it was broken up this week by a mini-reorganization. Harriet's beloved Stettler Fabrics is closing it's doors on January 16th, because Harriet is retiring after over 30 years in business. In addition to deep discounts on all her wares (fabric, thread, books, batting, notions), she's selling off the furniture and fixtures. I've managed to get my hands on her fat quarter display rack, for a very good price. The rack is about 6 feet tall, and includes a base with wheels, 16 storage baskets, and as many long pegs. This first photo is what it looked like, stripped to its base. The white wire
rack is in 3 flat sections, and can be set up without the wheeled base, if you prefer. I want to be able to move it without too much trouble, so I'm using the wheels!

Here's a shot of what it looks like with 2 sides' worth of full baskets. You can see the hooks along the top. I decided not to put baskets on the 3rd side; rather, I have that side backed up against the window. This will change in the summer, when I'll want that window open for ventilation.

I've sorted my fabric into type (batiks, florals, landscapes/nature, silks/fancies, muslin. Within the types I've tried to sort by colour as much as possible. I also have 2 baskets of yarns. All in all, I've eliminated several smaller woven baskets which were decorative, but really rather inefficient. They'll be going to the Thrift Store in Stettler when I'm there mid-month! I've also come across forgotten fabrics which are be ing given away -- some to my friend, B, who's teaching a beginner's sewing class starting next weekend.

I sorted my ribbon basket and bagged them up in categories; the bags now hang on some of the hooks (not visible in the photo).

It feels so good to have this done, and to have the floor space again! Now that these supplies are out in plain view, I'll have them to use at my fingertips. No more digging in piles and coming up empty-handed! This should make my Visioning Project goals easier to achieve, too.

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