Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Shawl and a Sock

I've decided I need another pair of hands to do all of the knitting I want to do. I've finished the first of my pair of Guernsey Socks from Clara Parke's Knitter's Book of Yarn (pattern by Amy King) and have cast on my first toe-up sock -- a Little Shells sock, also from KBOY, designed by Shelia January. So far, the toe is proceeding as directed. It's been great to have a wee bit of hand-holding by the designer, courtesy of Ravelry!

As for the shawl-in-progress, it looked like this after I finished Clue #3:

I am now almost 3/4 through Clue 4 (on the third of 4 pattern repeats), and it's even lacier and lovelier than I could have imagined -- particularly for a pattern that's amazingly easy. I say 'easy' because the repeats are regular, and it's quite easy to see what you are trying to accomplish with each pattern grouping. That takes some of the mystery out of its creation. As I go along, too, I've been enjoying the inspiring photos of those in the "Celebrate Spring" group on Ravelry, and the benefit of their experience and tips. Thanks to all!

Speaking of spring, it was warm enough yesterday to vacuum out my car in the driveway, and to nap later on in the sunshine on my lounge chair in my back yard! My tomato seedlings have a second set of leaves and are working on thirds. If it's less breezy tomorrow, I'll bring out the rake and start on the back lawn.

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