Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

What have you been doing?

I haven't done anything...out of the ordinary. Why?
  1. I compost. I've done so for years. Even after my move out of the city, I have at least 1/2 a compost bin of lovely stuff with which to fertilize my new garden beds;
  2. I have a blue box. Even before the City took over recycling (and put my private recyling company out of business by not hiring it on a contract), I paid $10 per month for the removal of my paper, plastic, metal (cans) and glass. Now that I am in a hamlet, I put the stuff in my blue box and take it to the recycle bins myself -- in a village about 10 minutes away -- making sure I have another reason to go to that village, or that it's on my way somewhere else;
  3. I shop -- especially for groceries -- with green plastic boxes and fabric bags;
  4. I use a local thrift store for nearly-new (i.e. "gently used") clothing, yarn, and household goods. I volunteer at one once a month -- and on Saturday, someone contributed $13.00 worth of energy-saver lightbulbs. Go figure. His environmental irresponsibility is someone else's environmental gain.
  5. I re-use paper bags and ziplock bags; I store food in re-usable containers, cutting down on plastic wrap and tin foil.
  6. I return empty cans and bottles via a local Bottle Depot.
  7. I drive a small, fuel-efficient car; I keep it maintained and running smoothly.
  8. I pick up litter when I go on walks, and take it home to throw out properly.
  9. I give away re-usable clothing and furnishings, rather than throw them out.
  10. I take old and non-functioning electronics to a proper electronics recycling depot.

What's your plan for today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year?

"Live Green."

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