Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready to Send Off

Earlier this year, those of us who'd submitted a piece in the "Synthesis" exhibit, organized by SAQA - Canada Region, were invited to submit a second piece. This was due to the fact that a gallery in Ottawa wanted to show the exhibit during the dates it was being displayed in Nova Scotia!

I couldn't turn down this opportunity, and I had some items given to me in my art quilt group's Christmas Brown Bag Exchange...items that were calling to me. The result is a 16-1/4-inch square piece entitled In the Beginning:

The first two shots are front details; the third, a full front view. You'll note that I still have to work on my photography skills! The colour of the background piece is closer to photo #3, while the colour of the smaller 'striated' fabric is closer to that of photos 1 and 2. The centre photo shows the piece of leather scrap appliqueed on, as well as the millefiore beads and a bit of other beadwork. The piece is not heavily quilted; the background quilting is done by machine with either silver metallic or invisible threads. The beads are sewn by hand, and there is hand quilting along the striations of the centre piece of fabric, using a perle cotton. I had fun doing it, and almost didn't want to let it go.

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midnightbrew said...

It is fantastic!!! I absolutely love those colors!