Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coming Along

In between quilt art projects, while ideas are percolating in my brain, I turn to my knitting. The other day I cast on the front of the "Climbing Vines" pullover from the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. It was about time; the back had been finished for about a month!

Now I have finished through the 1st row of my second go-round with the 24-row chart, and here's the result:

It's a very pretty little piece of knitting and fun, too, because with every row I can hardly wait to see my progress -- and progress shows up fairly quickly, because I am working with 4.5 mm needles and "Sierra" from the Peruvian Collection at It feels good in my hands, and I love this colour (#1526) (gosh, d'ya think?!) but don't know if they still carry it, as this yarn's been in my stash for over two years now (blush). I am hoping to actually finish and wear this piece by mid-April, when we can still get some pretty cool days around here.

What are you doing with your Saturday?


Anonymous said...

This pattern really jumped out at me - I think I saw it either in the knitpicks magazine or maybe it was Vogue knitting? I don't remember, but I remember thinking how gorgeous it was!! I cannot wait to see the finished product. You are doing a great job so far!!

Anonymous said...

Wondering what to do with all the sock yarn I've bought since January, because knitting it up means solving the fragging problem I'm having with the fragging sock I'm knitting for my son, where for no apparent reason, 2 stitches just disappeared. Did it matter? No. Did I rip it back just to solve the problem? yes. Do I hate that sock now. Oh you bet.