Friday, July 04, 2008

Stitchin' Along

A few weeks ago, I joined the Hand Stitchers' group on Stitchin' Fingers; we began a Stitch-Along on July 1. I began by working on a little 'Mystery Sampler' given to me when I joined my local chapter of the EAC, the Big Hill Needle Arts Guild. However, I am changing horses -- for a while, anyway -- because I have also been participating in Sharon B's latest Joggles class, "Encrusted Crazy Quilting. I've started stitching along the seams on my first block, and I'm lovin' it. So. Two birds with one stone, eh?

P.S. Happy Independence Day to my friends across the Longest Undefended Border in the World! :-)

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Anonymous said...

This looks great - a good idea to combine the two activities.