Thursday, June 26, 2008

They Set Us Up, Don't They?

Our kids, I mean. Yup. I was listening to the latest KnitPicks podcast, an interview between Kelley Petkun and knitter/designer/author, Margaret Hubert, when Mrs. Hubert divulged that, like many, she was pulled, kicking and screaming, into the computer age, when her son bought her a computer. Now she has a website, participates on Ravelry, and might just get herself an Ipod (following a convincing argument in their favour, put forward by Kelley).

As for me, I've worked on computers for years, but was reluctant to upgrade my last computer, despite the fact that it was clearly declining in its ability to access what I wanted on the 'net. Like the other Margaret, my son set me up. He insisted on giving me a new computer for Christmas. Then he and my daughter bought me an Ipod Shuffle for mother's day. Now I'm 'reading' library books, listening to podcasts whenever I want, signing up for on-line conference calls at SAQA university, and learning how to better photograph my art quilting. Even thinking about Etsy...

My birthday is in September. I wonder what toy the kids will set me up with then?!

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arlee said...

I remember when my son brought home his first computer and tried to convince me to use it---i responded "what am i going to do--store my recipes??? NO THANKS"
HA! Now i can do code, have met wonderful people, opened up my art and learning and can't live without it!
Maybe you should hint about an embellisher or fancydancy sewing machine that links to the computer :}