Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Off!

Today I leave for Lethbridge for my DS's convocation: BFA (Dramatic Arts), which is tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. From there I nip home, re-pack, and fly to Montreal for a few days with family and friends. Then I fly back -- to Edmonton -- for my DD's convocation: M.Ed. (General Special Ed). Whoo Hoo! And back here by next Saturday for my regular quilty weekend: The Saturday Block at Freckle's, and Romance in the Afternoon, Sunday, at Traditional Pastimes, where we sip tea, eat goodies and take up the next installment in our Civil War Love Letters project. Yum!

So...with that busy week in mind (and the promise of grad photos), I leave you with my latest finished project from my Mixed Media Surfaces class -- the silk hanky vase, filled with dried baby's breath, gracing my dining table.

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morningDove said...

oh beautiful and love where you put it on dining room table with beautiful cross-stitch work. Did you do that too?