Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Poddy Love

In the past few weeks I have been doing my knitting and handwork to podcasts, with great delight. I have found four that I particularly enjoy, and because I was late discovering them, had a happy time catching up from the very first on the site to the present day. In fact, on more than one site I'm still playing catch-up!

To entertain the Quilter in me, I regularly tune in to Annie's Quilting Stash, a listener-supported podcast that may have been one of the very first for quilters. I haven't gone back to Day 1 on this one yet, but I'm tempted. 'Annie's' most recent 'cast featured an interview with Diane Gaudynski, machine quilter extraordinaire, whom I admire greatly. The interview was an hour long, packed with commentary and tips. When I get a chance, I may have to re-listen and take notes!

For shorter snippets, sometimes played one after the other, my Inner Quilter enjoys the podcasts of the lively Alex Anderson. Her first 'cast was in 2006; I've managed to listen up to the first week in Januay, 2007, when she announces her then-new venture on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims. (There's another side-track to explore!) Alex's interviews are crisp and fun, and include inspiring quilt artists and teachers from her travels to various quilt festivals -- even on a quilting cruise.

You know, of course, that I love to knit. The podcasts for knitters to which I've been listening haven't been quite so many, but enjoyable nonetheless. I began with the delightful Kelley Petkun of KnitPicks. Again, I was able to begin my listening with Day 1, and have managed to catch up to the recent #43. Although I enjoy her interviews, I enjoy even more Kelley's 'chats' when she discusses a particular topic or theme, and then reviews various books and what's on her needles at the time. I too am a 'Knitter Who Loves Books'. :-)

The other knitting 'cast to which I tune in, is presented by Lion Brand Yarns twice a month. I admit, I could listen more often to these! I particularly enjoyed the latest one about Zanti and Liz's (hope I've got that right, gals!) visit to the Etsy offices; I am not quite 'there' when it comes to selling my work (esp. quilt art), but found it fascinating, and exciting to think about for 'Some Day'...
Currently, I've only tuned in to LB's 'casts when they alert me with their newsletter, but there is a podcast library on their site, which is calling me to visit for archived listening adventures.

'Scuse me while I pour a fresh cup of coffee, grab my latest project and turn on my speakers...

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Anonymous said...

I got all excited because I thought I was going to see some baby cows! In Australia a poddy is a calf which is being raised by hand...I had visions of you feeding cute little babies with a bottle! I havent yet listened t any podcasts - i must take the time to work out how to do it soon!