Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cute Babies

Today's post from The Yarn Harlot (AKA Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) features a wonderful assortment of cute babies -- one of the favourite parts of touring for her. Here are recent photos taken of one of the cuties in my world:

Baby J is the first daughter and second child of friends of my daughter. She visited them last week at their home in Dayton, Ohio, taking them the tummy time quilt you see in the photos (yes, made by moi). Doesn't J look like she's enjoying herself?

The pattern for the quilt is 'Field Flowers' from Terry Morberg of
Applepatch Designs -- with slight variations. Where Terry designed 4 flowers, I chose to use only 3. This meant that I then felt I had to reduce the number of lady bugs from 9 to 7. I also used a completely different colourway, as you can probably tell if you compare the photos above to the pattern on her site. Nonetheless, it's was a delightful project and I may just use some of my charm squares to make another! But first... have to finish Terry's design, Knittin' Pearl!

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