Sunday, March 02, 2008

Moving Into Colour

I'm in the last week of my Sumptuous Surfaces class at (sigh). The time has passed far too quickly -- but, just as quickly, the group of us have developed the beginnings of bonds across miles and miles of cyberspace. We have discovered new sisters-in-art (yes, we're all gals this time out), new resources, new techniques, new sources of inspiration, new teachers (sharonb is much to be commended!

(Visit her at's been a grand experience, and I can hardly wait to find another class!

Meanwhile, my colour piece (the part started for the 2nd half of this class) is shaping up:

Here you see a series 'From Sketch to Stitch', to borrow a phrase from Stitch, one of my very favourite stitching magazines. (The Brits do it best, don't you think?!) :-)

I'm going to fill in the outer triangular areas with 'thread painting' (i.e., long-and-short stitch), and the other, larger areas, with some pulled thread. This will establish the base for my layering of stitches, beads, etc. Stay tuned!

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