Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to the Creativity Jar

I was gonna write, "Who needs the CJ?", but that would be both rude and not reflective of my thoughts about it, really.

Here's the latest project from that jar, finished last week: I call it the 'Peacock Block', even though the site from which I got the pattern, Quilt Blocks Galore, has titled it the "Double Aster". I have no immediate plans for the block, but I love the colours! Perhaps on the side of a new tote bag...

My Scrumptious Surfaces monochromatic piece has progressed too:

This class is such fun, that I'm wishin' I were independently wealthy. Couldn't the hours spent at my Day Job be better spent creating works of art?!Ah does have to eat, and heat the house, and pay for being online, and for supplies...!!!

As for Knitting, I've finished the first two 'Chillchaser Squares' from the Gilli Hook Guild's patterns, and am about to start the next two (they come out the middle of each month). In addition, I am knitting smaller versions (8" square) for the afghan we are doing in the church knitting group. Though I hate swatching with a passion, these squares have been quite fun to do. Great walking knitting. My other WK has been the KnitPicks roll-collar pullover for tots, done in sock yarn. I decided to knit it in the round, and have finished the body, and most of the first sleeve -- 1 year size, as the recipient is now a month old plus a bit!

So you see, even if I don`t finish a CJ project, I`m creating like mad. :-)


Bess said...

Glad you're having fun with your projects - you know, the CJ isn't supposed to be a scold or a pointing finger. It's supposed to stimulate, challenge, and excite - and bring a little serendipity into your life.

Glad you're using it that way and my goodness - that is one gorgeous quilt block! Wow!

Anonymous said...

hello you! Ive just added to you my google reader - so I can follow your progress once the class has finished. I love the quilt block - peacock block sounds much better than double aster!