Monday, March 03, 2008

Aaargh!...Or a Word on Comments

I've never had so many comments at once on this blog (3 this a.m.)...and I just blew it. I wanted to keep the ones from PH and Dear B and reject the third, which was from someone I'd never heard of before. Alas, I had them all checked off when I hit 'Reject' -- and I lost all three! :-( Purely my own fault!

But P and B -- thank you for your kind words. I have no idea if you get a note from the program saying your comments were rejected, but they weren't, really they weren't! I'll get the hang of this yet -- I've only been blogging on and off for ? how long?!

1 comment:

Bess said...

I'm always doing that sort of thing - deleting the one important thing with a bad click. It's a computer - it has a mind of its own.

and thank you for the compliment on the spinning and yes I do understand that it's always choices. How I wish, sometimes I could be three people at once so I'd have enough hands to do everything I long to do.

much love