Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is Where I'm Going...

in a few weeks: Allanfauld Farm. It's in Kilsyth, near Glasgow. Nearby, the area where my paternal great-great-grandfather grew up and from which he emmigrated to Quebec in 1826.

This is what GGGrandpa and Grandma looked like, with two of their daughters (she had 21 children, including 3 -- count 'em -- 3 sets of twins; 13 lived to adulthood and proceeded to populate a good portion of the County). Cheery looking bunch, eh? I suspect it was living in the log cabin and building the big house through tough Canadian winters, plus all those kids...!! My trip also includes 3 days in Glasgow, a week at Iona, and a couple of days on Mull: mostly vegging, some site-seeing, reading, writing, stitching...and generally soaking up my Scots heritage. On I return, I hope to be seeing life through New Eyes.

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