Saturday, April 29, 2006

You can't get there from here...

Imagine, almost 30 years in this city and I'd never been to 3625 - 4th St. SW -- site of a little log cabin on a lovely piece of parkland overlooking the Elbow River. Bordered on the east by stately homes -- mostly new but 'done to period' in an Edwardian sort of way, like a street out of "My Fair Lady" or "Mary Poppins". This is the Southern Alberta Pioneers Memorial Building -- commemorating our forebears, and a lovely place for teas, receptions and, in this instance, the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts show, "A Show of Hands".

Well. I was just up the road a few miles at the Calgary Artists' Society show and sale, learning a great deal from the assembled artists (well, from the watercolourists, anyway) and schmoozing with a classmate and my watercolour instructor, Sharon I shoulda been there in 10 minutes, right?


One hour, one phone call, and several looks at my map later (standing on one's head to get one's bearings while driving is not recommended), I made it. Tea was lovely. The show was even better.

Now I'm just glad to be home, puttin' up my feet, sippin' some merlot...and thinking about trying to paint the tulips I brought home the other day.

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