Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Catching Up

Okay, so it's been a while. But...there's news!

First, I entered a poem in a contest. And I submitted three more to the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Alexandra Reader, sponsored by the Alexandra Writers Centre Society.

And I've been knitting socks: finished items include Sock #1 of Pair #2 for me; a full pair in wonderful KnitPicks yarn for the mom of my DSIL (Birthday!); and Sock #1 of Pair #1 of two for The Friend of a Friend...Said person's mom died a few years ago, and she misses the home-made sox, so I have stepped in to fill the void...

And...I have Work!!! I started Monday (part-time) at the local Logos Books store...and yes, they're paying me in $$$$ -- not books! ;-)

And...I have a new client for my private practice -- consulting -- helping a new Calgarian organize her new home, get rid of Old Stuff and create a calm, peaceful New Space.

In between, I'm plugging away on the Ongoing Baby Blanket, as well as practicing florals for my watercolour class. This weekend I have an Artist's Date (Thank you, Julia Cameron) with a DGF -- we are visiting "A Show of Hands" -- yes, a handwork show here -- and (maybe) an art show. Then on Sunday I am attempting to inject some culture into my DH by taking him to another art show -- one in which my Art Teacher, Sharon Lynn Williams is participating...

Ah, the Artistic Life! I wish I had a Patron, in the old Victorian sense...

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