Monday, December 12, 2005

Where did the time go?'s gone up in work, quilting, knitting, watching CSI, and travelling. At the end of November, DH and I went down to the University of Lethbridge to see our Marvellous DS perform in Dr. Faustus. He had three small parts, including one of the Seven Deadly Sins -- "Gluttony". He's the smarmy-looking fellow clutching a fat loaf of bread, 3rd from the left, below:

Can you name the others?... ;-)

Then, the first weekend of this month, I went on a Fabulous Quilt Retreat to North Bow Lodge, SE of Calgary. It was a great weekend! My favourite girlfriends, amazing food, beautiful weather (I went walking along the river Saturday afternoon...), and I got a great deal accomplished! I finished a top for my DSis for Christmas (flannel, to cuddle under at her cottage); an art piece (photos later) for the Annual SewFest Challenge 2006; the binding of my 'Winter' bargello piece (now hanging in my family room); and a great deal of journalling and reading. I also was able to talk to my Very Best Friend abput the challenges facing me as a Well Spouse. She's very wise, and we had a deep and loving time together.

Who could ask for more?

Now I'm in the throes of finishing projects for Xmas -- the aforementioned quilt for DSis, plus a strip quilt, plus knitting...

So why am I sitting here typing?!!

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Bess said...

Indeed - what more could you ask for. What a beautiful son - even on a scratchy computer monitor he is very handsome. And a weekend with fiber friends. Sounds like heaven to me.

Thank you too - for keeping up with me.