Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Election Time Again...

On Monday, our federal government was defeated on a vote of Non-confidence (i.e., we no longer believe in you -- thank goodness!!)

So...on January 23, 2006, we go to the polls. Here are the options available to the electorate (i.e. the main parties in the running):

    - The Conservatives: fiscal and social conservatives. Most of Eastern Canada (which has the population to sway the election) think they are No Fun At All, even though they might prove efficient, capable, and (best of all) accountable;
    - The New Democrats: fiscal and social left-wingers. Believe in Big Government; encourage a Nanny State;
    - The Bloc Quebecois: somewhat left of centre fiscally and socially, but mainly concerned with the interests of a single province -- Quebec; continually threaten to pull that province out of the federation; and
    - The Liberals: the current reigning party; morally, fiscally and socially bankrupt; operating from a sense of entitlement.

Other parties include the Green Party and the Communists...

What sort of choice do we have?!

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