Saturday, June 11, 2005

What we won't do...

for the men in our lives!!

My DH's tank -- er, car -- has developed a loose drive chain, so our DS took it up to Edmonton (3 hours' drive north) to a Dear Family Friend who volunteered to fix it for the cost of the parts. Well, DFF had the thing disassembled all over his workspace this morning when he called us in a panic. He had to remove one of the wheels to get to the inside of the engine where the problem is...and there was no nut-thingy in the car with which to remove the tire.

Unbeknownst to me (a Mere Female), my DH's car has a special "key" to unlock the wheel nuts, and that was the Mysterious Thingamajig that was sitting on top of the cookbook case in our kitchen -- several hundred miles from where it was s'posed to be!

You guessed it -- my day went out the window. DH is spending most of his day in bed, resting his right leg (where we are fighting off a diabetic ulcer on his knee), so I was volunteered (!) to drive to Red Deer (mid-point between here and Edmonton, about 1.5 hours' drive) to deliver said nut thingy.

I've just got back -- through rain, contstruction, hail, thunder, lightning -- I feel like the Postman who never misses his appointed rounds!!

All that driving and no time to stop to browse fabric or yarn or whatever...though I did get a good bit o' knittin' done on DH's cardigan (2nd sleeve) while I was waiting for DFF to meet me. (The rest of Said Cardigan is being blocked as we speak! I follow the Bonne Marie Method, and it works like a charm!)

Now to curl up with a good book (Debbie Macomber's 311 Pelican Court) and my rye-on-the-rocks (Canadian Whiskey) and relax for a bit...

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