Friday, May 13, 2005

I've Been Shoppin'

What fun! I finally decided I needed some new summer clothes -- when I looked in my drawers and found that all my tee shirts had logos on them, and all my shorts looked like I was working in my garden. In other words, nothing suitable for a Special Anniversary Cruise in July. Not even anything special for just being me here in Calgary.

So!! I set out to shop...and found myself in places that would suit teens, and places that would suit women 15 years older than I. What's a gal to do???

I went to Northern Reflections -- and struck gold. Two wonderful saleswomen, great colours and selection, and respect for a mid-50s shopper, who is no longer slinky/sexy, and definitely doesn't want to show her midriff...and who wants to disguise her waistless, hippy body so she does look slinky/sexy -- or at least as much so as all of her 50+ years can muster!

And in the clothes I chose -- WOW! I feel like a million bucks.


1 comment:

Bess said...

Oh joy! Clothes that fit and flatter. What more could a woman want.

Oh Yes. An anniversary cruise.

Two hits.