Saturday, February 05, 2005


I decided today was the day to catch up on my online art/quilting classes through Quilt University. I'd been procrastinating about Art for Quilters, because deep down inside I have never thought of myself as an artist -- certainly, not where drawing is concerned. How surprised I was to be able to do this -- and then turn it into this -- with a bit of fabric and some Wonder Under! As my late Aunt A. used to say, "I am amazed!"

Next I am going to tackle Lesson 2 of this class, and maybe even Lesson 1 of "Symmetry Play" -- which I keep thinking might be easier (or at least, come more easily to me, dominated by my left brain as I am) as it involves geometrics...

Knitting-wise, DH's cardigan back is coming along nicely -- though the Alpaca blend leaves me even hairier than the cat does when he naps on my lap! I am also working on a baby cap from the Spring '04 issue of Interweave Knits. I am not all that pleased with it though -- it called for me to pick up 104 sts over 13" of lace border, which seems to be making it rather lumpy. Four or five sts less would have been better, I think. If the bumps don't look like they'll block out, I'll just have to frog it back to the lace and start over (sigh).

I am now piling up projects: a gansey for my DSIL in Peruvian Highland Wool (a lovely deep royal blue) and a turtleneck tank for a friend of my DD, in wonderful Schachenmeyer's Nomotta "Modern Art" -- a cotton tape -- in the colourway called "Brandied Cherries" -- every bit as scrumptious as it sounds!

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