Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Junk Man Cometh...

And the Junk Man taketh away! FLYlady would be so proud of me! I finally bit the bullet and got rid of a bunch of STUFF that was in my basement (we have a 'real' basement, not a finished one, alas...) -- including the old exercise bike my stepdad gave us ...years ago, and the old colour TV from my mom's apartment (that works by getting up, crossing the room and turning it on) 2 dead vacuum cleaners, a shop vacuum, a steam cleaner (another 'gift' from stepdad), and a complete set of encyclopedia bought before the invention of the Compact Disc! I dunno how many pounds this would weigh in on FLYlady's Pound-o-junk Meter, but I know I feel lighter just knowing it's out of the house!

Wanna get hold of the Junk Man? You'll be glad you did! :-)

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