Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This morning...

I've been ripping out socks. Not of my own hand, mind you, but ones started by my Dear Cousin who died in July (at age 80). Yes, the trunk from her apartment arrived Friday, and last night DS and I collected it from my Sis. Although she'd unpacked the treasures she'd chosen, it was still bloody 'eavy for us to get into The Tank (my name for the '88 Bonneville my DH and DS share).

Among the treasures I'd saved were some wonderful silver photo frames, a beaded purse, a silver mesh (yes, metal) purse, great family photos going back to the turn of the last century, and a package of old knitting pattern books* as well as partially-completed socks in that 2 (or 3?) -ply sock yarn that used to be so common. The socks were clearly intended for someone with very long feet and legs -- hence the ripping. Our family is shorter of leg and wider of foot, so if this yarn becomes socks again, it will take on a very different shape!

This afternoon I am visiting my friend Janice at Traditional Stitches for her post-Charlotte Market Open House. It's a cloudy, dull day, so this will be a grand way to warm it up -- with good coffee, a beautiful display of Stitchery Stuff, and companionable chatter about linens, flosses, silks, and more.


*such titles as:
  • The Woman's Day Big Book of Knitting - 35 cents (I already have Mom's 25-cent copy!);
  • Mitts and Headwear: 2 to 14 years - by Beehive - Book No. 67 - also 35 cents;
  • Nomotta - Socks for Men - Vol. 114 - 25 cents; and
  • Monarch Hand Knit Sock Book - No. 101 - 35 cents.

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