Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Murphy Strikes Again

I love to knit, and do much of my craft on public transit. To KOT, I need to sit down (though I have done the odd bit of really plain stuff while standing and swaying). Why is it, then, that the only available seat in the transit car is next to and/or across from Huge People?

This morning it happened again -- both ways. The only seat (which I took, because I wanted to work on the gloves I'm making for my DS) was next to a Large Young Man, and right across from an Extremely Large Young Man. To boot, the LYM next to me was listening to ear-shattering rock music -- and I could actually make out the words, right through his headphones. Some day he'll be a Large Deaf Old Man, for sure!

Despite all this, I did manage to get most of the middle finger done on the glove (appropriate, or what?!)...and only fell off the seat once, when the driver took a curve quickly and then stopped -- BUMP! Thanks to the kindness of strangers, though, I didn't land on my needles, and was helped to my seat to the accompaniment of furrowed brows and clucking tongues.

And all this before 8 a.m.!

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