Saturday, April 10, 2004

I figured it out...

The problem I was having with Two-handed Fair Isle, that is. I was trying to do it on the flat! Huh? Well, when I went to the Philosopher's Wool site to see what had gone wrong, I discovered that they'd taught me to do it in the round so I'd never have to purl!!! No wonder my left hand didn't know what my right was doing!

Frogged that bit, and started again on a design appropriate to a nice, flat square, and voila! It's 1/2 done!

Today I'm looking for a lovely time of sewing and knitting and Getting Projects Finished -- 2 BOMs for quilting, and the sleeve of my Pop-on Top. Then it's photo time! I also have to pick up my Husqvarna S225 from the shop, where it's had its check-up-from-the-neck-up. Not quite sure how I'm going to handle owning 2 sewing machines. Feeling rather the Material Girl, which is uncomfortable...

I'm also going to spend a good deal of time Thinking during all this. Won't bore you with Mid-life Angst, but that's exactly what it is...longing to do and to be someone more real and not quite getting 'it'...And there's nothing like the rhythm of needles (sewing, stitching or knitting) to help one sort one's thoughts. A demain!

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