Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Old Pooch, New Tricks

I'm -ing like mad now -- nearly at the armholes on the back of my Cotton Twist Pop-on -- and last night I cast on for "Sally's Favourite Summer Sweater" from The Knit Stitch. 'Sonata' yarn from the 'Endless Summer' collection -- "Cape Cod Blue".

New? First, it calls for a cable cast on, which I've never done in all my (40+) knitting years. I like it!. Then, something not exactly new, but not done in about 20 years either -- instructions to knit the thing on two completely different-sized needles, for an open, airy effect -- 1 @ 7mm and 1 @ 3.75! Once I got past the first row (you cast on with the smaller needles), it's been a breeze.

Bring on Spring!

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