Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Time is Now

Anglicans all across Canada today joined in a satellite-linked conference to worship, pray, discuss and examine critical issues facing our Church -- most especially, the movement of some factions within the Communion, away from orthodox Christian faith and the authority of Scripture. It was an inspiring, well-thought-out, well articulated session and I was thankful to be part of it. Sponsored by the Anglican Essentialsmovement, panels of deeply spiritual, richly experienced clergy and laity addressed questions from audiences in 22 locations from coast to coast. In addition to providing education and information, the conference was a call to solidarity in faith, to compassion in action, to speaking the truth in love within and outside the Anglican Communion. It was a Lenten challenge to us all to work for both spiritual and structural unity -- but not at the cost of the truth. Like Esther, it would appear that we have been called "For a Time Such as This".

P.S. With in my range of vision at the conference yesterday, 3 of us were knitting....

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