Sunday, December 14, 2003

Walk This Way

Last year I bought an accessory package for my humble Husqvarna S225 sewing machine. The package included an extension that levels my sewing surface a bit, plus a collection of various feet. The extension is a boon for anyone who quilts and has no way of levelling her work surface. I have had fun with my stippling foot, my clear plastic open-toed foot, etc. but have been totally intimidated by the !Walking Foot.

This weekend I have been working on a quilted Christmas Gift and decided to give the WF a try. Well!! Why didn't I think of this sooner?!! What a lovely thing! Such smoothness! Such accuracy!! I could stitch 'in the ditch' without wandering...even sew on the binding with 1/4" seams...How blind have I been to the potential in this foot?! But no more!

There's no turning back! Quilting has taken on yet another new dimension. Hallelujah

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