Sunday, August 03, 2003

Nothing is wasted -- only postponed.

Wise words from Betty Clare Moffatt, which have particular meaning for me this morning, as I read them in my Quiet Time, just before picking up my SCC, in anticipation of finishing off the neckline. Up to now, it's been too hot here to want to knit with a full-blown sweater draped across one's lap (even a cotton one), so I'd been putting it off. But this morning is cloudy and a bit cooler, and I had just enough time before church (I thought) to get this done.

That's when it dawned on me that the neckline still looked awfully large -- like one of those off-the-shoulder ones. Hmmmm. I looked at it closely, just to be sure. It was. I re-read the pattern...and realized my interpretation had been off the mark!! (sigh) Instead of decreasing at total of 8 times, it was 3+8=11 times...I had to do 3 more full decrease rounds before finishing the neckline!! (sigh, again)

"Frogs are my friends," I muttered under my breath as I ripped it. Still, if I listen to Betty Clare, the time to do it right will not be wasted, and the rewards of my labour are merely postponed! :-) Chin up! Now off to church!

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