Monday, August 18, 2003

Just call me Liberace...

I've been working on the keyboard, all the live-long day...Actually, the piano key bord-er for my Garden Delight quilt top. See?

There's still one more border to do -- a black (tone-on-tone) outer border. back it and have it quilted. Too big to do myself, that's fer sher!!

On the knitting front, I am making great progress on the front of my Tequila Tank (about 4" in the past 2 days), having put aside my felt bag project. It's too hot to knit 170 sts of pure, scratchy wool, so that will have to wait. I have also put my SCC aside, hoping for inspiration as to why my neckline is all out of whack. Will have to sit down early some morning when I am particularly clear-headed and try to figure out where I went wrong with the math (sigh).

Meanwhile, DH has loaded some of our Banff photos on the computer, so I will try to grab a few copies for an "Anniversary Weekend" retrospective. Stay tuned!

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