Friday, May 02, 2003

If a Thing's Worth Doing...

We've all heard that, right? Well, I'm frogging again! First, I found a dropped stitch (down about 5 rows) in the Silke-Tweede sleeveless top I'm knitting for the "BoatNeck Shell" Knit-Along (they let me follow my own pattern 'cause my shape would look awful in the actual BNS pattern!) -- I tried to fix it but (sigh) it looked appalling -- and it was on the front so...frogged the whole thing!! Actually, I was only a couple inches along, so it won't take too long to get going again -- paying more attention this time, of course!!

Then there's my all-of-a-piece jacket I've been knitting in beautiful Gedifra "Dandy" ...I took it in the car with me last week when I went to pick up my son (in the rain and wind of an April stormlet). What I didn't notice (remember, by then I'd been working 6 days a week doing income tax returns) was that the new ball I'd started (one of 3 left) hadn't made it into the car. (sigh) When I got to my son's workplace, and went to start knitting -- then, I noticed. The ball had disappeared somewhere in the Dark and Stormy Night. To make matters worse, overnight the rain turned to snow for one of the worst spring blizzards we'd had in a long time. So now my jacket, which I'd been adjusting because I was worried about being short of yarn, is beyond help. Can't get any more of this colour (it's 1406, a purple colourway) because it's been discontinued. Tried e-bay but all that was available were packs of 10, starting at $75 US and I just didn't want to invest any more than 1/2 that...

Back to looking for nifty patterns with bulky yarn that call for 9 balls of the stuff... and frogging the original to recover 8 of those 9!

But, as Scarlett would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow". Today, I'm off to My Sewing Room to sew all day with 2 good quilting buddies -- to work on a "Grandbaby Comes to Visit" quilt for friends of ours, to pick up my DD's "Magic Tiles" quilt from the long-arm quilter, and to buy fabric to tie together some yummy Benartex charm squares (I'm a Preview Pack Club member) into table runners!

Have a great Friday!

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