Friday, February 21, 2003

It's my weekly Play Day today, and I'm off to a quilt class this a.m. -- learning how to do English Paper Piecing and hand applique. It's supposed to be portable, but I dunno...I'll have my trusty knitting in my bag too!

Speaking of knitting, I now have a good leg up (!) on the back of my sleeveless nubby silk sweater, and every day I love the deep turquoise colour even more. For those of you who love both poetry and colour, may I commend to you Stephen Beal's The Very Stuff: Poems on color, thread and the habits of women -- Interweave Press, Loveland, Colorado, 1995. The poems fairly glow with colour and warmth!

Goodness knows, warmth is needed in Calgary this a.m.! It's -23C out there -- after plugging in my car and sweeping the latest dusting of powder off my front walk, I had to use both knitting and coffee to warm up my hands!

Off to get ready for class. Meanwhile, stay warm! :-)

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