Saturday, January 28, 2023

It's All Over But the Paper-work!

 A couple of days ago, in my new series (Existential by day), I expressed gratitude for creativity, and my particular propensity for expressing it with fabric, fibre and floss.

When not navel-gazing, I have indeed been...creating: finishing up the four pieces I'm sending off to the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre within the next 10 days.  These were pieces inspired by the Artists' Residency of which I was a part in July 2022, up at Rogers Pass in the Canadian Rockies -- specifically, at the Illecillewaet Trailhead.  The exhibit will begin at the Arts Centre in March and travel throughout B.C. until December 2024!

I continue to be blown away by the fact that the nine artists on exhibit include me, a photographer -- and seven (count 'em) painters!  Touring for over 18 months!!

Today I finished the last of the pieces, and took photos.  This week I have to figure out how to put them into a special Google Drive folder, where I'll also find all sorts of paper-work that needs completing.

Please pray for me; I've never used Google Drive!  I'm thankful that there's a director at the Arts Centre who might just be able to hold my hand through the process if I need it!

That said, here are the no particular order, along with the inspirational photos, for those of you, especially, who won't be able to travel to B.C. to see them:

Portion of the meadow near the start
of the Trailhead.  I was in awe of the trees and flowers.

Meadow Impressions (c) 2023
24.5" W x 17.75" L
Commercial cottons, self-dyed cottons.
Improv piecing; machine quilted.

False hellebore -- amazing leaves,
pretty flowars -- and poisonous

Pretty Poison (c) 2023
8" W x 19" L
Cotton batik, silk ribbon, cording.
Trapunto, silk ribbon embroidery,
machine quilting; 3-D leaves.

A close-up of a fallen log 
on the Trailhead.  I was fascinated
by the textures of the lichen, leaves
and aged bark.

Fallen Log (c) 2023
13" W x 18.25" L
Commercial cotton, recycled synthetic
backing; distressed painted used dryer 
sheets, painted cotton batting,
silk ribbon, yarn, cotton floss, beads.
Machine quilted, hand-embellished.

These photos are just a few of the ones I took at the ruined hotel near the start of the Trail-head.  There are bits of old wall, some sort of over-grown overpass, and the remains of an old boiler, down in what would have been part of the basement.

The history of the Glacier Hotel and its eventual dismantling, along with the original rail tracks that ran by it -- before a safer route through the area was found, brought to my mind Gordon' Lightfoot's iconic Canadian Railroad Trilogy.  

I just knew I had to create a piece that reflected the mix of class issues -- railway navvies, rail road 'barons', and wealthy hotel guests -- as well as the impact the project, now long gone, had on the landscape and the environment of the area.

And so...this came about:

Rails & Ruins (c) 2023
32 1/2" W x 31 1/2" L
Distressed vintage linen tea cloth, rusted linen
scraps, thread sketching, machine quilted.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest before the Google Drive Challenge begins.  I'm going to focus on cross-stitch, and perhaps a bit of knitting.  Right now I'm making two pair of teeny baby socks for a pair of twins -- new grandbabies for a cyber-friend in Ontario.  Making these is a definite palate cleanser after all that art work!  😉 

The first sock of the first pair is finished:

Pattern: "Baby Socks"
Designer: Kate Atherley
Free on Ravelry
Yarn: Patons Stretch Socks in "Kelp"
Size 0-3 months

So with that bit of cuteness I'll leave you...with a link to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday, where this week she's busy building colourful cabins...out of fabric, of course!  

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay cool -- or cozy -- and stay creative!

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Anonymous said...

Well.! Look at you! Yea you! I think back to where you were when we first met and just marvel at how much and what amazing ways you have explored with and expanded your range of subjects and techniques. Again yea you! I am excited and very pleased for you. This is a wonderful range of interpretations based on this summer’s adventure and I am sure that viewers will connect with the pieces and enjoy figuring out ‘ how you do the magic you did’.