Monday, January 23, 2023

Existetial Examen - Day 3

 For much of my adult life -- starting in my early days in university -- I've always found Sunday to be the toughest day of the week.  As Kris Kristofferson once penned -- and sang -- "...there's something 'bout a Sunday, makes a body feel alone".  

Sunday was always the day when things ended.  Boyfriends went back to their colleges in another town, people got ready for the work week.  If you weren't home for the weekend, you weren't gathering with your family for Sunday dinner like so many others were.  If you were home, you had to either eat quickly so you could catch the bus back to your studies, or you missed it altogether so you could catch that bus.

Later on, when I was married and had a family, Sundays were less difficult...but by Sunday evening there was still a certain sad 'something' in the air.

Today is Monday.  I've done up my dishes from the last few days and tidied the place a bit to greet the week.

Today, I'm grateful for Mondays.

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