Thursday, December 02, 2021

A Little Something for the Knitters

 Today I was digging back in my current journal for some quotes from The Genesis Trilogy by the late Madeleine L'Engle, which I'm reading at the moment -- and stumbled over this bit of doggerel I wrote in early August;

When you knit your mittens, do you leave the thumbs 'til last?
Do you knit them very slowly, or knit them very fast?
Knit those thumbs up nice and cozy! 
Now -- tell me when I ask: 
When you knit your mittens do you leave the thumbs 'til last?

LOL!  It's an adaptation of the rhyme from a decades-old "Smarties" candy commercial...and somehow, it just suited the moment! 😉😄

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Kate said...

My son has an American co-worker who was visiting the Canadian office ( back when those things happened). He sent a message out the he had brought Smarties from the US and they were on his borrowed desk. The next message came from one of the Canadians who said there were no Smarties, just Rockets. It seems that the name Smarties means different things in different places. ( Somebody went out at lunch and bought the American a box of "real" Smarties.)