Tuesday, January 01, 2019

I Don't Really *Want* a Word

"A word for the year", that is.

I know, I know...some folks still choose one, rather than -- or perhaps in addition to -- making New Year's Resolutions.

I gave up resolutions a while ago...but the idea of a 'word' comes back to haunt me every year.  The last time I chose one it was 2016, and the word was "Celebrate!".  Indeed, that year there was much to celebrate.

The following year?  Not so much -- though 2017 found me having a great time at the Lacombe Art Show & Sale (April), turning 65 (September) and travelling to Scotland...out of which arose the 'Scotland Series'.

And that -- in collaboration with my friend and SAQA colleague, Mary Wilton -- gave birth to two well-received exhibits.  ("Shamrock & Thistle: Textile Art Inspired by Ireland and Scotland" is showing in Lacombe's Memorial Centre as I write; it comes down January 30.)

As for this past year (2018)?  Well...yes...there have been some memorable moments: the 19th Annual Lacombe Art Show & Sale; the showing of S&T at the Camrose Art Walk and now at the LMC; a lovely visit with friends at their new home south of Calgary; and the acceptance into my first juried International Exhibit with SAQA, Season After Season.  In addition, I taught my first-ever mini-class on knitting with double-pointed needles (dpns) at two consecutive "Creativ Festival" shows, and have secured a spot (dates TBA) as part of an Artists' Collective in a nearby town, for a four-month period later this year.

The not-so-memorable moments? Relationship challenges in my family...coping with health issues myself (nothing major but nonetheless troublesome)...and the mess the world is in -- in no small way related to the foolishness in the government of Canada's neighbour to the south.  Sigh...

So why a word for 2019?  And what word?

Like I said, I don't -- and didn't -- want a 'word'.  I didn't want to think of one.  I didn't want to own one.  But...it came to me out of the blue -- and here you have it:


Not as in "more stuff" or "consumerism" or "unbridled accumulation".  NO.  "More" as in...

More peace.
More quiet.
More time in the studio.
More fruits and veggies.
More water.
More rest.
More sleep.
More giving (away).
More fresh air.
More long walks.
More poetry.
More finished projects.
More connections with friends and family.
More love.
More forgiveness.
More patience.
More kindness.
More gentleness.
More self-control.
More people remembered.
More letters written.
More sweet memories made.
More joy.
More prayer.
More contentment.

I'm thinking I might just like this word. More of it, every day.  Any of you want more?  It's there for the taking, if we can just slow down long enough to find it, treasure it, and take it home with us.

Happy New Year, Gentle Readers!

May it bring you MORE than you hoped for.


Anna Maria Junus said...

I hope you get more of all you desire.

Judy Warner said...

Yes, I could accept those 'mores'. :) Hope they all come true.

Teri said...

I have never bothered with choosing a word nor do I do resolutions. However, I am 100% with you on this one. Love you and may you have more of everything you NEED.....teri

elle said...

Excellent. More of that which blesses us and others! More happiness in the new year for you, Margaret!