Thursday, August 09, 2018

A Revelation -- and Apologies!!!


First off, a BIG THANK YOU to Gentle Reader Carolynn, who alerted me to A BIG PROBLEM!!

Some time back now, Blogger cut out using "Networked Blogs", which used to link this blog to my Facebook page.

Since then, I've kinda sorta noticed a drop off in reader comments...but I've been busy with shows etc. and didn't think much of it.  I figured people were turning to Instagram (to which I don't belong) and other social media and were ignoring me.


Ms. Carolynn just wrote me, wondering why she had trouble commenting on this blog.

SO...I decided to do some research.  I usually get an e-mail telling me if there is a comment, and there have been NONE for a couple of months.  SO I looked under comments "Awaiting Moderation"...and there's a PILE -- a Veritable Mountain! -- of them!!!


SO while in true Canadian fashion, I want to apologize -- and I DO -- I must admit I had NO IDEA this was going on.  I just thought I'd lost favour.

SO...I will be spending some time this weekend moderating those hitherto invisible comments..and responding. 

Again, with my sincerest apologies!!  I appreciate all who read my blog and am SO sorry that somehow technology cut us off mid-stream.

Blessings to all...and I'll be in touch.  I promise!!!

I am very grateful you are still OUT THERE, and I am HERE too...and we will reconnect.

Ain't technology wonderful??


Patsy Futtere said...

Margaret, there is so much about Facebook that I don't understand. But I'm glad you found out what was going on with your Blog. I enjoy it so much. Hope your new kitty is getting better each day and that Miss Pookie is learning tolerance. Take care A follower from the "south" Patsy Futtere

Carolynn McMillan said...

So glad you got it sorted out Margaret!!