Monday, April 03, 2017

Inspired by Deborah

I admire the work of SAQA colleague, Deborah Boschert; in particular, I was taken by her series of 'bowls' that was written up in Art Quilting Studio -- the Winter 2017 issue.

The article sparked in me an idea and a desire to work it out in a similar fashion.  The past three days have been spent doing just that...with the hopes that this trio will be of interest to and go home with someone at the upcoming Lacombe Art Show & Sale.

The first in this wee series took me most of Friday, but by that night it was finished and I'd already laid out a preliminary idea for the second.  By Saturday evening the second was finished and I knew how I wanted to work out the third.  By Sunday evening, the third was finished.

I have more of the materials, but not an idea for any more than three at the moment.  With the Show & Sale less than three weeks away now, I am in "final prep" mode -- attaching sleeves to larger pieces, ensuring I have enough dowels for those sleeves, attaching hardware as required to framed and stretched pieces, making sure my spotlights have working bulbs and my pieces, I'll be making little or nothing new till this 'to-do' list is finished.

 "Mug Shots"
Each is 6" square and 
is wrapped around stretched canvas.

Mug Shots I

Mug Shots II

Mug Shots III

Linking up at the last minute to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and wishing you all a wonderful week!


Bethany Garner said...

Love the Mug Shots!! Really fun and colourful and these should sell very fast!

Sha said...

How fun. I am sure they will catch someone's eye. Success in the prep for the show and may you have friends from last year looking for and visiting you again this year. All success.

Judy Warner said...

Makes me want to go grab a cuppa!