Monday, March 20, 2017

Margaret Makes a Movie!

I don't know quite what got into me this morning (Spring Fever?), but while I was in my messy room (where I do painting and dyeing and what-not) painting some birches a la Mary Wilton, I decided I should make a video.

I played with the camera; it was no surprise that my first attempt -- while painting those trees on fabric -- didn't work out.  Still, I persisted!  😉

I finished the birches and moved on to some mono-printing, which I figured I could describe without a script as I've now done this particular type of mono-printing several times.  I set it all up, began to work and talk at the same time -- et voila!

Here's my wee tutorial on mono-printing.  Not sure I'll make a habit of this...but let me know what you think!  😊

1 comment:

Pat said...

Well done, interesting technique. Great to hear your voice.